Welcome to Bryukhovetskaya District

Ladies and gentlemen!

I, Vladimir Butenko, Head of the Municipal Formation Bryukhovetskaya District, have the honor to present to your attention our Municipal Formation.

Consistent economic, investment and social policies aimed at the development of production and improvement of conditions and living standards are carried out in the Municipal Formation.

A unique combination of natural and climatic features and a great investment potential make our district one of the most promising Municipal Formations of the Krasnodar region.

Agriculture, industry and the consumer sphere are main priority economy sectors in the Bryukhovetskaya district.

There are about 200 enterprises in the district including such well-known companies in the south of Russia as the Bryukhovetskaya branch of the CJSC Sugar and Cheese Making Factory Leningradskiy, the LLC Southern Crown Ц Bryukhovetskiy Feed Mill, the LLC Bryukhovetskiy Bread Factory and about 2,200 entrepreneurs.

There is a unique opportunity to accommodate agricultural, industrial and processing facilities on the territory of the Briukhovetskaya district, of which the following ones are in priority:

  • construction of the greenhouse complex to grow vegetables;
  • construction of the logistics park of A class;
  • organization of the production, storage and sale of bitumen, petroleum products and asphalt;
  • construction of the farm for cultivation of rabbits and nutrias;
  • construction of the canning factory for processing of fruits and vegetables.

The Bryukhovetskaya district is open for cooperation with investors. The District Administration pursues the active policy aimed at attracting investment. We strive to create all the conditions in the district that business would feel comfortable today. We guarantee our potential investors creating optimal conditions for successful business: prompt decision of any issues, process transparency and open dialogue.

Having a high investment potential the Bryukhovetskaya district is interested in implementing attractive investment projects on its territory.

Our Municipal Formation is open to mutually beneficial cooperation and is ready to consider any options for raising capital, technology and managerial expertise.

We sincerely welcome you to visit the Bryukhovetskaya district.

Butenko Vladimir Iurievich,
Head of the Municipal Formation Bryukhovetskaya District