District head Vladimir Musatov made ​​a working trip to Pereyaslovskaya rural settlement

Livestock development issues discussed with the head of the district leader of the peasant-farming Fedor Kuropyatnik. Fedor successfully engaged in farming in the area for more than ten years. Today, he is building a modern milking parlor on the basis of the dairy farm, located on the outskirts of the village. Since commissioning the object will have pereyaslovchan 12 workstations equipped with the latest technology. 

During the visit, Vladimir visited the banquet hall, located in the center of the village, where it ends reconstruction. Individual entrepreneur Alexander Gudim told the head that in the future there will be an additional modern hotel. 

After Vladimir was a guest at the family Shvedova. Valentine Stefanovna and Vitaly Pavlovich engaged in the work of his whole life, and for many years managed to transform his modest home in this house-museum.